• Ordinary, Extraordinary, or Archetypal Spaces... Your Choice...

    that is... if you are a Space Navigator.

  • Declare Space

  • Prepare Space

  • Set the Context

  • Call In The Bright Principles

  • Clean The Space

  • Shift Space

    Take Right Angle Turns At Light Speed

  • Navigating to Extraordinary Space




    Unhookable (to politeness, to social convention, to other people's fear)

    Taking a stand

    Being that stand



    Asking dangerous questions

    Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

  • Experiments


    A small tagline

    For the next week, keep your Beep! Book handy enough so that you can notice and identify 30 unique spaces and what is possible in those spaces. 10 of these spaces should be large, public spaces. 10 of the spaces should be more personal interaction or private spaces and 10 of the space should be small, fast temporary spaces that disappear within a few minutes. Do not try to change any of those spaces. Your job in this Experiment is to Notice them in multiple dimensions and write down what you suppose could be possible in each of the different spaces.

    Answer the question: "What is the value of somebody being in that space?"
    NOTE: the words 'somebody' has various possible meanings. For example, somebody could be an adult ego state Contaminated by child or Gremlin or could be one of their Parts and it could be their Box or something being Reactive.

    After Noticing and describing 30 different spaces, please register Matrix Code.
    This Experiment is worth 2 MAtrix Points.
    LOGO: Noticing

    Title Text

    A small tagline

    For 3 days navigate consciously to ordinary spaces. Refuse to be honest or be vulnerable or be clear or Be With. Refuse to leave Low Drama. Your job in this Experiment is to Notice all the skills that are involved in navigating to Ordinary space. Write them down in your Beep! Book, every time you capture a skill for navigating ordinary space.

    NOTE: If you do this Experiment earnestly, it will be painful because in Ordinary space neither your Being nor your Heart do not get fed. Do the Experiment to be painfully aware of the skills that your Box and Gremlin use to navigate to Ordinary, but also other people's skills to navigate to Ordinary.
    Don't stop until you have written down a 100 skills.

    LOGO: Low Drama


    2 Matrix Points.


    A small tagline

    Meet with your 3cell or your PTeam for the precise purpose of collecting and listing ways to leave one's space and enter a new space.
    NOTE: Navigating Space is not about changing the qualities of a space so that it seems to be a different Space. This is a kind of Space abuse or manipulation or control. Each Space, moment to moment, is the space that it is and has the Possibilities that are possible in that Space.

    Navigating Space means leaving behind one Space and Discovering and entering a new Space.

    Collect specific tools methods, techniques, procedures and processes into a list at the back of your Beep! Book called 'Space NAviation Toolbox'. Let your Heart and Soul get wild with this, because no matter how Wild youg et it will never get wild enough. There are so many possible ways to navigate space or tools that could go in a toolbox.
    By the time you have 50 tools in your toolbox you are equipped enough to go practicing.


    3 Matrix Points.


    SLOGO: Possibility Paintbrush


    A small tagline

    To be able to leave Spaces behind, you will need to be able to feel Sad. Otherwise you will not be able to grieve the Possibilities that existed in the previous space, even if those were horrible Possibilities.


    For 3 days, practice leaving Spaces consciously.

    You could start by practicing exiting physical space consciously. You exit the kitchen and leave the kitchen behind.

    That is the first day. Then, the second day, exit conversation space consciously by saying for example "This conversation is over".

    The 3d day is exiting energetic spaces including using segway phrases.

    4th day is exiting energetic energetic spaces using proposals.

    5th day energetic spaces shifting identity.

    6th day is exiting energetic spaces using Pull the Rug Out or taking the space into a liquid state.

    7th day energetic spaces by going non-linear.

    8th day by going unreasonable.


    After your discover the 8 categories of ways

    There is multiple possibilities of using each of these 8 ways.

    Do the thing and write it in your Beep! Book so that you get the diversity. You exit the space and write it in your Beep! Book.

    That is the Experiment.


    3 Matrix Points.


    LOGO: Pull the Rug Out




    A small tagline


    This one is maybe later.


    It is tools and techniques of Possibility Management. Hour, 1,5 upto 2 hour WorkTalk. You share what you have learned, what you have been discovering in your

    giving examples and stories. For the exercise part put people in groups of 3 and have 1 be the coach, 1 be the client and 1 be the Possibilitator. The Client's job is to offer a problem, a conflict or a breakdown as a story part of their life. The Client says: I am not good enough. Or: nobody really likes me. I am a failure.

    The Possibilitator practices using one of the methods that are given in the WorkTalk.

    Record the Worktalk, even if it is live or online, for the proof put the link to your WorkTalk.


    Worth 4 Matrix Points.
    LOGO: How to give a WorkTalk


    A small tagline

    LOGO: Possibility


    For the next 4 days, refuse to leave a Possibility Space.
    Caution: Do not do this Experiment while you are driving a car or using sharp power tools. Especially next to your mother.

    This Experiment is to make sure you have your center, grounding chord, bubble and the 8 points of the golden cube of energetic space that you are Holding (link holding space)

    Then call in the Bright Principle of Possibility.


    How do you know if the Bright Principle of Possibility is alive and well in your space?

    Go to someone, anyone, and ask them to ask you a question. Without hesitation, give them 9 different answers to their question.

    The point is not to be humorous, to do Gremlin shit, the point is to give true, valuable options to be the space through which these 9 valuable options occur from the Bright Principle of Possibility and to not get off it for 4 days and nights. You do not leave that space.

    Notice the consequences of refusing to leave a Possibility Space.

    For example, certain interactions and problems will just simply not be able to arise.

    Certain people will not be able to relate to you.

    Certain people will be attracted to who perhaps you have almostnever talked to.

    Perhaps they come to you for the service of being a space through which P is occurring.

    Notice your Gremlin and Box's freakout factor.

    They are not accustomed to hanging out in this high intensity Possibility space.

    Also notice that you might start liking it a bit. Even your Gremlin might start liking it.

    Do whatever it takes to stay in this P space for full 4 days and nights and Notice the strongest forces that seduce you to try to leave the space of Possibility.

    Is it loneliness, confusion, unconscious Fear of so much Possibility, is it groundlessness, if you are identified with your Gremlin and Box's Low Drama addiction you might feel disconnected from 'reality': (that life is hell, that nobody likes me and that there is not enough).

    NOTE: Each time you get hooked out of the P space, the Experiment starts over at 0.


    4 Matrix Points.


    A small tagline

    This E needs to be done in a Team of 2 or more people, ideally in a 3cell or in a Possibility Team. If there is more than 3 people, split up in groups.

    The biggest hint to navigate to unknown spaces is to follow your Fear of what you do not know and what you do not know that you do not know.

    The 2nd hint to Navigate to Spaces of Unknown is to have authentic questions and necessity.

    Start the Experiment for 5-10 minutes distilling 3 Authentic Questions, preferabbly not too personal. More a bigger picture.

    For Example: "Why do men refuse to grow up?"
    "How do I stand in extraodinary space ongoingly with my partner? What does it take?"

    "How do you build a 100 million Bridge House nanonations on planet earth for the emergence of NExt Culture?"

    There needs to be a spaceholder. Your job is when people fall back and what they think they know, you interrupt them immediately.

    Ask them a question so you help navigate them to a research space, a discovery space, Where the answers are not known, not certain, not sure, where they are Experiments.


    Another skill that is really useful is the ability Speak from the Unknown (logo). It is not Fantasy World, it is not Gremlin, it is not crazy talk. It is valuable, sane, unreasonable, unknown dimensions. Do this for 15 minutes per question, 1 question per person. It is an hour of space. Notice what is stopping you from the unknown - the sentences, the voices, the emotional reaction, and also Notice the doorways that help you to navigate into a space of Unknown.

    What are the types of questions, the tone of voice, the skills that are required.

    Note: It will probably not work the first time.

    Do this space consciously, 3 times in a row. Keep noticing how you improve navigating the that space.


    3 Matrix Points.


    A small tagline

    LOGO: Create Necessity


    For the next 3 times a day, for the ntext 3 weeks, consciouslu create a space in which it is necessary for you to deliver Possibility.

    For example, go to the EHP dojo website, sign up to the EHP Collaboration group on Telegram, offer to deliver an EHP and when somebody accepts the offer that creates the necessity for you to deliver clarity and Possibility.


    Another example is to commit to create a result that for most people seems tedious or impossible or boring. commit to creating the result in an extraordinary way. For example, at the Lab in Inla Kesh we picked up years worth of trash in 30 mintues and we had a great time.


    Hint: if you do it faster such a sin Whizz Bang or slower such as in Noticing or in Self-Observation or do it in pairs or changing Spaceholders every 10 minutes, or you prepare

    it becomes extraordinary.

    that can add the necessity

    Navigate to a space


    Eat a shared meal with a group of people all wearing blindfolds, like in your PTeam or when you visit your parents for Christmas dinner.


    Remember, don't hurt yourself, don't be stupid


    Commit before you know how and then commit to producing results before you know how.


    These ar examples of creating necessity.


    NOTE: This also works with children. You can also make a promise or commit to what a child wants to do or create even if you do not know how, that there is not enough time.


    This is 3 times a day for 2 weeks.


    3 Matrix Points.

    Title Text

    A small tagline

    Navigate to the space of unhookability. LOGO: Unnhookable.


    The Experiment goes like this:

    Your full resources of energy and attention become available when you are unhookable. Certain spaces are designed to cause you to be hooked and other spaces are designed to make you unhookable.

    This Experiment is learning to nevagiate to spaces in which you and others are unhookable.

    For example, if a space where knowing is valuable would be a space that is prone to unhookability because people say: I don't know. And there would be fear.

    Designed for unhookability would be: knowing is not a value. Being is valuable. Possibility is valuable. Connection is valuable.


    This Experiment is to practice a set of 4 tools that promote unhookability. This is a practice in your 3cell or PTeam.

    1. Minimize your now (website)

    2. Make no assumptions. (website)

    3. Agree with your attacker.

    4. Make your Box optional (website).


    The Experiment is to practice to level 3 Mastery (we have no idea what this means, but figure it out). Then, go celebrate with your Team. that you have al reached level 3 and be sure not to get hooked while you are celebrating together. For example, celebrating could be running as fast as you can for 300 meters or having a watermelon eating contest without hands, just diving your face in.

    Walk through time town and cause the most people to laugh.

    Walk through the town and do the greatest amount of good. Not just picking up poop or helping the old lady cross the street.

    You could draw a hop, skip and jump pattern on the ground and invite people to do the hop sko

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    Title Text

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